Technology is getting bigger and better and so should your business!

Chatbot marketing is one of the game-changing strategies businesses all over the world are utilising to provide excellent customer service. From contact centres and support teams to digital companies, many organisations are leveraging the benefits of chatbots. Thankfully, getting a chatbot for your business doesn’t have to be complicated.

What Exactly is a Chatbot?

A Chatbot is basically a piece of software that is capable of simulating conversations with human users. It can talk to users and perform relevant tasks. Chatbots are programmed with predefined rules which allow them to give pre-programmed responses to specific questions. However, in recent times, chatbots have swiftly evolved to become even more sophisticated and capable of handling complex customer service round-the-clock.

Why Chatbots?

A study undertaken by Juniper reveals that ˝chatbots will save businesses over $8 billion per year by 2022.˝ What this means is that chatbots do not only compliment your website and social media presence, but also boost leads, collect better data and improve sales potential, thus, increasing profit. The statistics are exciting, which explains why so many companies are jumping onto the bot wagon.

If you are still not sure about getting your business a chatbot, here are more compelling reasons why chatbots are a winner for businesses around the world.

Instant Reply

Consumers want an answer to their questions and demands at the speed of light. Chatbots can offer instantaneous replies since they work round-the-clock, unlike humans.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Recent surveys show that approximately 35% of consumers prefer companies using chatbots. Another study by Hubspot suggests that 55% prefer interacting with businesses through chatbots to solve problems.

They Can Do More than Just Chat

Chatbots can do a lot more than just striking a conversation with a consumer. For instance, chatbots can improve your business by generating and qualifying better leads, managing accounts, distributing information about upcoming events concerning your brand/business, performing complex customer services such as resolving queries and even selling products and services to consumers.

Are You Ready To Get a Chatbot?

If you are looking to up your business΄ game with a chatbot, BloomBird Digital can help you out. We can help introduce chatbots into your business and improve your marketing strategy.

Chatbots are the new face of conversational marketing and unarguably, improve your profit.  We know this, which is why we are keen on getting your business into the bot circle. Let’s help your business grow!

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